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I'm not sure If I'm posting this in the right place but here is my problem. I had someone  who bailed out on me
and just gave me the equipment to do my art piece (great helper). I know nothing about electronics, but hey
I've come this far. I'm working with a weight scale. All I want to do is when it is sitting on the floor is have the
LED screen compute.. like as if it was finding numbers, digitally running the clock so to speak.
When someone steps on it I want the Error reading to come up.

I have already graphed out/ drawn on paper what nodual (1-12) reads which "8" on the LED there are 4... now what?
All I have is some Arduino uno chip and wire.. I have no clue and I'm pretty much lost..
Keep in mind I'm not programmer.. just an artist good with my hands.. any help is def. appreciated
big time!!! If you want email me instead...gchat.... I need to get this done by this week!!!

Coding Badly

I'm not sure If I'm posting this in the right place but here is my problem.

It's not but that's a minor problem easily resolved (later though).

any help is def. appreciated big time!!!

You need specifics in your call for help or you will very likely get no response.  Some questions that should get you started: Are you offering money?  Where are you located?  Does the person helping you have to be physically close?  Does your equipment include an Arduino board or just an "Arduino Uno chip"?


Money.. maybe depending on the cost.. I'm a art grad student not much to offer.
I'm located in San Diego, and I only have an Arduino uno chip. 
The help doesn't have to be close if I can get some insight over skype or gchat..maybe that might do?

Coding Badly

I only have an Arduino uno chip

By "chip" do you mean this...


...or this...


Coding Badly

This is what I suggest...

Try to find someone close...
• Search the Arduino Forum :: Community :: Local Groups for someone in San Diego.
• Check the San Diego area for "hackerspaces".
• Check the Arduino User Map

Be willing to take matters into your own hands...
• Ask for help in Arduino Forum :: Using Arduino :: Project Guidance
• Provide technical details: What board do you have?  What scale is it (include a link)?  What is this "LED screen" you reference (link)?
• Break the project into manageable pieces.
• Get your hands on the equipment and start playing with it.

Finally, the one thing you can offer is credit.  Be prepared to share the glory.

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