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I got the inspiration for this thread from the one about multiple serial devices, so here's the question: What OS did you start out on in computing? Was is Windows 98 as one very young poster put, or are you a mainframe and punch tape person?


I'm not sure the PDP8 RIM loader counts as an OS


I started on 95 compututing although I have used earlier OSs...



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My first experience with a computer was a "bbc microcomputer". After switching on you had a pascal command line and after a (can't remember) command you had a BASIC commandline.
If you wanted some program you had to write it (in pascal or basic) or load a program from tape-cassette or 5ΒΌ inchfloppydisk.

Doesn't really count as a operating system though.
The first operating system i used was DOS v?.? on a 286.



Go young people!

Windows 98 is the first I remember using, but apparently my house was using '95 as well.


Floppy version of DOS 1.0 on the original IBM 8088.


but apparently my house was using '95 as well

Your house used Windows 95 as it's operating system? What kind of house do you live in?
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Your house used Windows 95 as it's operating system? What kind of house do you live in?

One with blue screen-doors   ;D
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Not really good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.


First Computer touched and used : Bull Micral with CP/M (pretty old)  ;D


First personal computer OS ever used was Apple ProDOS on an Apple ][c.


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TRS-80 Color Computer With Disk & OS-9 shortly followed by MS-DOS version 2 with Microsoft C version 1.04

FYI: Microsoft C 1.04 fit on two 160K Floppies.

I feel old now.


MacOS, I think 8.5 or so. It's a blue, old, but beautifully designed iMac. My parents also have an older Mac, the Macinctosh Classic.
Now, I'm using Windows XP and Puppy Linux on a laptop ...


CP/M was probably the first OS I used.


Tops-10, complete with ASR-33 and punched paper tape.
Ahhh.  "Can Wars" !


I don't think it actually qualified as an operating system :)


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