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I found a "Forget me clock II" (1990) in my dad's parts bin for the atari ST can i use it for the arduino
its a "Dallas DS1215" IC

its a realtimeclock for the atari st that lets you save files with a timestamp.

and a external video cart :D  named a "Video Master" from microdeal (1992)
With a lot of ic's  in it. will check it out :P


My first "real" computer was a Headstart 8088 with DOS 3.0 ;). I had a lot of fun with it ;) (Test Drive was a great game ;)).

It sort of had it's own shell but you could boot it into DOS. I also used to play with Geoworks (some kind of shell/OS).


First would be the Vic-20. Got a 64 a later, both from my aunt. I only had the tape drive with these.

First that I purchased was an Amiga 500 that had the 3.5" floppy, but never got a hard drive for it. I still have this one and I occasionally pull it out. Still works just fine.

I took several years off from computers after that and my next was a PC running Win 95 (Packard Bell) that I payed around $3000 for.


Windows ME was the first I used, then 95 at school, now I have Windows NT...

...running in a VM on Windows Seven.

Also had vista and XP.  I truely hated XP, but Vista was OK.


Windows ME was the first I used, then 95 at school

Sounds like an "upgrade" to me!

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I truely hated XP, but Vista was OK.

Wow...  I just can't agree with that one.


As a 12 year old, I started on an Emachines running Windows 2000 of Windows XP. MY first computer was Windows XP on a HP dx2300.


I truely hated XP, but Vista was OK.

Wow...  I just can't agree with that one.

me neither

I agree that xp kinda sucks now but then it was amazing.
I Loved that I din't have to find all drivers the most where included or download and USB-devices where crap on everything before xp (could use a tumbdrive unless the other pc had the drivers installed :S (so take de driver cd/floppy with you :P)

win xp 64bit sucked because there where no decent drivers for most devices

I did use vista ultimate 64bit for quite some time but I gotta say it sucked
like it's still in beta fase

I now use dualboot Ubuntu/win7 ultimate 64bit on my game pc
and win7 starter on my netbook

I LOVE win7
right after install i don't have te install drivers :P win7 DL's all new drivers (if hardware is recent)


My First OS was Workbench 2.0 running on a CBM Amiga 3000 @20mhz with a huge 2mb of chip ram and a whopping 16mb fast ram, to help date this machine it cost me £95 for a 170mb Hard Disk


The first pc I ever used was an IBM, with the huge RAM pcb and green letters on the screen etc...I don't remember the exact name of the OS though. I was 3.5 years old :P

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