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G'day all,

I recently purchased a few of these fellas:  http://www.hobbypartz.com/33p-solarservo-d229.html

I'm pretty new to all this, but I had no trouble getting the servo that came with my sparkfun starter kit to change its position to match a potentiometer I'd wired up to my UNO. 

The solars are giving me a little more trouble - wiring them up to Servo.h doesn't produce much in the way of useful movement.  Occasionally I can get them to spin for a bit, then they just stop responding.

The code from here: http://principialabs.com/arduino-serial-servo-control/ didn't do much for them either!

I'm powering them straight from the arduino board - which I believe is 5v?  If they're rated for 4.8, is there a chance I'm just frying them?  (I'll try a lower voltage now...)

They don't appear to be physically constrained to 180 degrees of motion, which is not a problem for my needs, but I'd really appreciate any guidance on how I can control them...

Anyone used them and can point me in the right direction? 




I've never heard of Solar servos before, but find the spec info rather bizarre.
Usually servos are listed with 4.8-6V power range.

Also, speed = 0.1@4.8v doesn't make any sense to me. What's the units of 0.1?
Miles per year????

Also, you should NEVER EVER EVER power your servos from the Arduino 5V pin.
Use a separate battery.

Also, "straight from the arduino board - which I believe is 5v" --> umm, so you
don't even know what voltage is being applied. Bad dog! Get a DMM.

Also, as they are digital servos, they may just require a different pulse protocol
than the Arduino puts out. Who knows?

So, take your pick as to the problem here. I would first try to track down better
spec info, as they are some off-brand thingamabobs to start with [at least in my
hemisphere of the world].


Miles per year...  Swallows per summer? 

It says 5v on the pin, I thought that was a pretty decent clue, but I shall take your advice if you could do me the kindness of expanding the DMM TLA?  Direct Motor Manipulator?

Thanks for the guidelines - I'll try and hunt down a more specific spec.


DMM = Digital MultiMeter, never leave home without one. LOL.

Swallows per summer?  .... cool.




Have a look at the two links in my signature for some guidance on powering your servos and test code.

Duane B
Read this
then watch this



Thanks Duane - those articles are an excellent resource.  I guess I'm off to buy some batteries!



Powering the Solars through four AA batteries works a treat.  The standard sweep sketch does all the right things.  I think I've fried a couple of them, but hey - you gotta break things to learn, right?

Thanks for the help duane & oric_dan!

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