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Okay now i get it :)

So for this rocket launcher you use relays for ignition.

Now, i want to ask what power supply you use and how do you make your ignitor for your rockets.



Great project.

I am just starting something similar and will definitely use your website for guidance. Due note also taken about safety when arming rockets from cyberteque.

I am using ROBOT BASIC running on an old DELL inspiron mini web-book. I found it really easy to get ROBOT BASIC (RB) to communicate commands to the arduino and then send-and-recieve commands using RF12 modules from jeelabs. RB makes it really easy to make a GUI on the DELL for the Robot control.

I am using an IP camera with the cams software running on the Dell too via a small portable WiFi router -gaffer-taped to the dell :). That makes the video system self-contained and I don't need to worry about it.

I'm getting ~120m range in line of sight with RF12 control. The IP camera spec says about 100m range is possible @2.4GHz. RF12 @868MHz. Not getting any interference.

I'll post it up when I get a good working version. What do people think of ROBOT BASIC for people starting out in this arena anyway? 

Craig Turner, blog: http://gampageek.blogspot.co.uk/ It helps with my learning if I write things down, esp. for others to follow (constructive comments welcomed to improve)


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