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Hello there,

I need to find a freelancer programmer to develop a code for an arduino,

the objective if to control a RS232 device with an arduino and have a feedback from that device in a LCD or oled display

please PM or email me...  nuno(a)xrail.tv

Thank you


It is usually best to collaborate locally. What is your location?
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Hello John,

thank you for your reply...  I live away far from you.. in Switzerland...


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Hello Nuno,

Is this the Camera lens controller system I have designed and built for you that you could not get to work with the lens because the lens serial port was not working. Perhaps it might be a good idea if anyone else takes this on to have a chat with me about the existing issues that remain unresolved.

Don't forget that the system I built for you is based on a Netduino and not an Arduino although crossing over is not difficult.

Cheers Pete.

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