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Sorta like http://www.mikroe.com/eng/products/view/5/easyavr5a/ ?  Not really to my tastes, and not cheap enough, but (IMO) a pretty good deal.

I'm with JimLee: there have been lots of AVR development boards before and after Arduino, with lots of additional features.   For one reason or another, none has received the acceptance of the Arduino.  Prior to Arduino, the "AVR Butterfly" was probably the closest thing; there were a bunch of nice tutorials written about it.  But when you look at trying to use it beyond the tutorials, it turns out that nearly all the pins are already connected to something, making it a bit of a pain to use.


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I would suggest a header pins version

Just leave the connectors out and people can solder in what they want.

gigantic USB port

WHY oh WHY do they still use that stupid socket? Some people say for backwards compatibility, just buy a new bloody cable for $2 (as if we don't all have a 100 spare USB cables anyway).

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Call it EliDuino ...
If it will be implemented .

Elico :)


Call it EliDuino ...
If it will be implemented .

You can make it yourself.  Then you know it is implemented.
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I will look into those later tonight  I hope .


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