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I just got a leostick,  and installed it per the instructions, and it was able to upload one of the examples.

Then I uninstalled the driver, for some stupid reason.  Now I can't get it to recognise the com port again.

I have tries reinstalling the driver many times.
I am on win 7, 32bit

In Device manager, I can see Arduino Leonardo under "other devices"  with an exclamation mark.
- in the properties of this device, it says ... the drivers for this device are not installed.

Under "ports" in device manager, I the Leostick driver appears when I first plug it in, and assigns a com port.  then after 2 seconds it dissapears from device manager.


Unfortunately, it's not really possible for us to support boards from other manufacturers, since we don't really know how they work.  I'd recommend asking the maker of your board for help. 


Come over to http://forum.freetronics.com/viewforum.php?f=27&sid=50 which has various instructions and other information about your LeoStick :)

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