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   I'm developing a custom hardware based off the leonardo now when i plug in the device on my computer it says arduino leonardo but i thought i would be cool if it said my device name instead of arduino leonardo i changed the driver inf file to make it say custom clone but initially before installing the driver it says arduino leonardo how do i change the same?

Thanks in advance


The "iProduct" string sent by the board on enumeration tells the operating system gives the human-readable name.  The value of that string is set near the top of USBCore.cpp in hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/.  It's a Unicode string so you're looking for 'L', 'e', 'o', 'n' [...] not "Leonardo".  The string used depends on the PID number of the device (also sent during enumeration) which is given in boards.txt.

Just be aware that if you'll be distributing your own custom hardware based on the Leonardo that you'll need to provide your own VID.

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