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Topic: 2 UartSBee with S1 XBees communicating with each other (Read 556 times) previous topic - next topic


Jun 06, 2012, 04:39 am Last Edit: Jun 06, 2012, 05:14 am by danoyz Reason: 1
I just looked at the specifications for UartSBees and thought that it could be useful for communicating between 2 Arduinos using Series 1 XBees, but most of the other forums are only talking about communication between and Arduino and a PC. Should I be worried here?

I only want to know whether wireless communication with 2 Series 1 Xbees plugged into 2 UartSBees plugged into 2 Arduinos is possible. I think I may have stuffed up.


For those who are confused with my layout:

1 Series 1 XBee plugged into a UartSBee. This is programmed and plugged into the Arduino Board.
2 Arduino boards follow this configuration.

The code is sent to the Arduino Board (without the UartSBee with an XBee.)

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