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Fat D

"trying to become accepted a(s) standard"
Maybe by some.
I don't appreciate that 5 pins are not brought out to female headers for general use: TXLED, RXLED,  and MISO, MOSI, SCK (but are on male pins on ICSP header).

Here's a schematic of how I am designing an 32U4 into another board. Space is really tight, so pins were assigned for routability.
Are TXLED, RXLED, MISO, MOSI, SCK  defined as D20-24 if someone wanted to use them as regular digital pins? Or incorporate the LEDs as indicators for software use?
I haven't studied the Leonardo files to find out yet.

I am talking about the two pins left of AREF on the R3 boards (and Leo), which have been put there precisely to give I²C a definite position instead of forcing users to rely on the jumper workarounds and such. But yeah, the unavailability of the LED pins and the limited availability of the SPI pins is a real shame.

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