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I've got a homemade cnc, an arduino duemilanove, a macbook, and a hobby cnc stepper driver that takes input from a db25 cable. I want to interface the arduino and the hobbycnc stepper driver. Can I build or buy an adapter that connects the arduino to the db25 cable?




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Probably - if its logic signals.  First though you need to find out the pin-out for the cable/stepper driver - part numbers?  try googling for information or give us all the info about the unit...

[ Also this sort of breakout board could be useful: http://www.kooing.com/DIY/DB25-Parallel-Female-Breakout-Board-breadboard/ ]
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hobby cnc stepper driver that takes input from a db25 cable.

This sounds like it may be one of the ones made to be driven from a PC's printerport. There are several CNC software systems like TurboCNC, that did that.

First you need to get all the information about the driver you have. The connector is not the problem.
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