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I'm looking for a cable - if possible - which plugs into the Arduino on one end and a panel mount at the other.

Not too long as it only needs to be a short distance.

I don't mind making the cable myself, but if one exists and isn't too expensive.....

Oz preferably and even better:  Sydney.

I don't remember the names of what the USB connector names are.

Mr Google is being asked, but.....


There are many types of USB cable and connector.

What do you want to achieve?


You looking for a Male-B to a Female-B, extension cable.

They aren't exceedingly common since the USB spec doesn't approve of them.  Keep in mind that USB is a differential serial bus and not the simplest of cables to make properly.
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I am looking for the cable to go between the Arduino card (mini USB B connector) to go to the side of the box in which it is mounted.

That way I can re-program the card without having to take it out of the box to do that.


Which arduino do you have?  Mine isn't a "mini" B, it's just a B.

Just go on to somewhere like Element14 / Newark / Farnell (whatever they're called in your country), or mouser, or digikey, and type "USB Panel" into the search box - see what you get.


The Freetronics eleven:


It is going inside a box.  There is JUST enough room to plug the USB plug into it while the board is where it should be.

So, all I need is a short cable to go from there to the inside wall of the box so I can plug in to the USB connector from the outside.


Something kind of like http://au.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Bulgin/PX0446/?qs=clYULeWzEDk5NvqH7zejrqXzpfRQIeJv (if that crummy mouser link works), plus an existing USB Mini B cable.  Chop them both in half, then join them using your favourite method.


Well, kinda.

This is more what I want, but again, not perfect:


But the big end with a Panel mount.


I'm not sure exactly which type you want, but I did a quick google for USB panel mount, and this site was one of the first that came up that offers different ends.  They don't seem to offer mini and micro USB connectors for panel mount however: http://www.cablestogo.com/product_list.asp?cat_id=1532.


Thanks Michael.

Alas all of theirs, the non-panel end is not a MIDI-USB, so it won't plug into the Arduino's USB port.

I may have to look at "other" methods.


Make your own cable.  As I mentioned before, just get two cables, each one has one end that is right.  Chop them up, and reconnect them in the combination you want.

For a more professional finish, buy a panel mount socket, a right-angled USB mini B plug, and a length of wire.  Build your own cable from scratch.



That is what I may have to do.

I am still looking at/for options.

This, that annoying clock with the buttons and output pins, understanding the code and the like, I am really taking it slow so as to not stuff things up.

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