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This looks like an interesting uC:


This thing has a max clock speed of 32 MHz, and also supports A/D, SPI, I2C, UART and so on.

I find this interesting because of the 32 MHz max clock speed. Since it is a power of 2, I am thinking that the Arduino libraries could easily be made to work properly on this uC. Since it has all the features of an Uno or Mega, it seems that a double speed Arduino could be easy to make.

Also, it has 384K flash and 32K SRAM, which is huge.

And a USB transceiver built right on.

Only problem is, I can't see anyone who has any stock on it...



All of the "Xmega" chips have a 32MHz max clock rate, which has made them look interesting since they were first announced.

Alas, Atmel has not done so well at delivering.  The "A" chips were plagued with some serious bugs, and as you say, many of the later chips don't seem to be at distributors yet.  Lots of talk on "avrfreaks."

https://github.com/akafugu/Xmegaduino is a software effort...

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