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If you have the switch set to 3.3V, VCC = 3.3V. If set to 5V, VCC = 5V.

When programming, I find it easy to set to 5V, and run 5V->VCC from the USB/TTL board.

Its a 5 wire connection from USB/TTL board to Meduino: DTR, TX, RX, VCC, GND.

On the Meduino board, DTR -> GRN.
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If you have 3.3 on Vcc, then the IO should be connected to 3.3V devices also the IO does not exceed Vcc.
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I've bought about a dozen of these.  love 'em.  small but not the smallest, however they are the smallest I've seen with all the digital pins on one side.

at $11.00?  marvelous.


I confirm this is a good clone!
Very good for FTDI and I2C upper sided, and obviously the current selector switch.
If you are in the need to use it for battery powered apps, it is good @3,3 with a single li-poli cell too, and same required power from sensors/devices.
Also if you are interested i just wrote a couple of article on how to program a meduino pro mini using an arduino Uno ad usb/serial adapter, or the  FTDI / Usb.
Ciao! :)


These look really nice!

When I see stuff like this I sometimes wonder why I bother messing around with Tiny84s, etc. when I can have a Mega328 in almost the same size.

Then I remember that the fun part is the making, not the finished products. :)

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I am having the same issue with ttl module based on PL2303, it is not being connected. Can any one help ??

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