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Thanks! I still have some work to do on the little controller board. I want to add a switch and a power LED on the bottom board plus break out the programming pins and the 3 unused pins in case I want to upgrade the sketch in the future. Maybe add some lights or make him talk  :P The red LED is a power indicator for the retarduino and the green is hooked to pin 13 which is also the echo input.

I'm also a little stuck on bringing the power from the battery pack to the board. I'm not sure if I want to just solder the leads in place or use a barrel jack or 9V adapter or something... I haven't tested it with the bot sketch yet but all the pins work with "blink" so I hope it's OK.


Sounds like a good plan. If you have screw terminals available, they would work well for temporary wiring like your battery pack.
Good links: Eagle tutorial= http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDE1858BD83D19C70
General Arduion tutorials = http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com


I finally went with a 9V battery adapter plugged into the 8XAA holder I had. I tried using a 4XAA but it didn't work. I know, you told me so  :P It lit the LED's but the chip wasn't working.

I'm hoping this is the final version:

The header plug is off some old computer cables I had around and they are connected to the pins needed to program the chip, I also added main power led and a switch.

Here's my little programming deal hooked up:

In the pic the chip is in the Arduino but I have to remove it in order to program the bot.

I have 10 pins broken out and the way the bot is now I only need 5 so I can maybe add some functions in the future.

If all the electronics check out OK I'm going to redo the chassis and give him a shorter wheel base. I'm hoping that will help the tread throwing problems by (hopefully) reducing the side loading on the tracks when turning.

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