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The other alternative is to use something like VNC or Windows Remote Desktop on the machine that is connected to the Arduino and then from your remote devices connect to the machine.  You probably need something like a VPN to provide security, etc.

At the moment, I'm using a work laptop that is in my bedroom, and connecting to it via VNC from my system in the living room.  I've even used it from my work office, using a VPN.  Of course bandwidth of my internet connection, and the latency can be an issue at times for remote connections.

In the past, I have done things like using VNC to access machines in California when I was in Massachusetts (~ 5,000km for the non-US folk reading this).  Sure it can be slow, but it allows for remote access.


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thats what I want to do, build something hooked up to a computer and then walk into another room to use another computer to upload software

emulator / simulator yes (but thats a huge task) web IDE no, whats the point? If I can plug an arduino into it I can run the local IDE, if I cant, then whats the point, its not 100% software.


The uploading of web-based IDE is now possible with my new work AVRDUDEd, an HTTP deamon for AVRDUDE.

My Arduino blog: http://arduinodev.com/blog


Sketch uploading is implemented in ArduinoCommander app:

So it seems not to be a problem.


This is not something I would use but I can see the attraction for many people.

I found there is already a web-based MCU IDE built on mbed.org. At least, this proves that the concept works for some applications.

This is also one of the biggest objections people have to the mBed, ie. the fact that you have to be connected to do anything. At least in your case there is the option to also use the normal IDE.

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