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Confused for sure, and frankly skeptical that there is an issue with the chips themselves. Sure would like to see them tried with a different programmer. Do you know anyone close by that might be able to help with that?


Alas not.  I would love to see it in someone else's programmer too.

Anyone UK-wise fancy volunteering to have a go?  I can post you one of these puppies...



I have bootloader burnage!

You know what it was?

No, of course you don't, or you'd have told me already :P

It was the socket on the ISP shield.

I had used some headers before (like on the Arduino) so the chip was easier to insert and remove, so less chance of bent pins.  It turns out that if you use a pre-used chip, with the pins in a more vertical alignment (after having been used in a DIL socket) they make good contact.  If you use a brand new chip, with the pins splayed, as they are, they don't make good contact.

A proper DIL socket is now in its place, and it worked perfect first time.


I'd rather have a ZIF socket, but I only have one, and that is part of a test jig for my LED boards.  Maybe I should invest in another...


Glad you figured it out, because it was starting to make me crazy! I have some ZIF sockets from Evil Mad Science, thought they had good prices, not sure what shipping to the UK would be, http://evilmadscience.com/component/content/article/270

They also have a nice looking ISP shield, http://evilmadscience.com/productsmenu/tinykitlist/253

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