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I just purchased an Ardiuno Uno board and am trying to install it.  Following the instructions, but the board does not show up under the Ports menu.  The green power light on the board is on as well as there is an orange light which is blinking.  I am running Windows XP.

Looking through this bulletin board, I see others have had the same problem, but don't see there has been a clear solution.

Any help would be great.  Does this not work with Windows XP?





Try this


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I get exactly the same problem and I can't install the drivers. There is no Arduino UNO under the COM & LPT Ports. (note that I am using Windows 7)
By the way, this is not a helpful answer:


Try this

Zach said that his (and my) board doesn't show up under those Ports. The instructions given do not apply here.
Please, somebody help us!!   :smiley-roll-sweat:


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Hey! Just found something!

But still I can't make the SMD LED labelled as L (next to tx and rx) turn off.
When I run the blink example, it blinks and if I connect an LED to pin 13 it blinks as well.
But when I run the fade example I connect the LED to pin 9 and the "L" LED stays on (not blinking). If I try to connect an LED to pin 13 while running this example, the "L" LED goes off.... What's going on???
Please help.....


Version of uno? Version of ide? Have you installed the correct driver? Depend of version of uno.



Do you see the Arduino under "unknown devices" in the Device Manager?

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