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I am currently trying to set an airborne system in which a telemetry system will be sending some data to a specific ground station, let's say in 50hz with 115200 baud rate. What i want is that, everytime system is plugged in, a .txt file with proper date (date will be taken from GPS) will be opened in the SD card, and the telemetry data that is being sent to ground station will be written also in the SD card (SD card will be in the airborne system, not in the ground station).

I have accomplished to create files and write in them. Furthermore, using SDfat libraries I manually accomplished to give dates to my new files. In this case I will need to integrate a code where the sent telemetry data will also be collected at the SD card. There have to be functions which will control when telemetry sent the packet, and stores the bytes in this packet, then wait until the next packet (in this case after 20ms) comes after a checksum control.

I am still looking at similar projects but yet I can not find a solution to this. If anyone knows any leading libraries, projects or suggestions it would highly appreciated.

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