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I need help programming for a project I'm working on. The project is based on a Mega2560. The electronics are built and a lot of the code is written. I need help with a few of the finer details. I'm based in the Vancouver, Canada area.

Willing to pay for the help. I need to finish this project soon and can't afford the time anymore to learn what I need for the software.




What needs doing and how much are you going to pay. You have left out the important bits of information.


Apologies to all,

I should have been more specific. I'm looking for somebody nearby the Vancouver area, with whom I could get together to go over the snags and issues.

I have a WMT52 (SDI-12 protocol) sensor, along with several other sensors, cell phone, and mp3 shield, hooked together.

I'm still looking for somebody though, and I'll be happy to discuss renumeration with whoever I end up working with.



Hey I was working on a similar project and was hoping to program a set of ge g-35 string set christmas lights as shown here: http://www.christmaswow.com/ge-christmas-lights/. However I am having problems with the code since I am relatively new with Arduino. I was wondering if someone could help me program the light to react to different frequencies of sound. I am located in New Jersey and am willing to pay someone for help with the project.

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