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hi guys...i have a chinese clone of an arduino nano it has the CH340G driver insted of the FTDI and when i plug it for the first time, the computer recognizes it fine...when i disconnect it and gave an external power supply of 5 volts the program i uploaded works fine however when i disconnect the 5V external power supply and then plug it back in my computer it doesnt appear in the device manager at all and a few minutes later my nano gets extremely hot. I tried reconecting it again and it still doesnt recognize it... IDK WHATS GOING ON!!!


OK - Calm down, and stop SHOUTING at is. You've blown it, not sure how. Buy another one and a DMM (Digital Multi Meter) - Measure the 5V external power supply BEFORE connecting it, make sure it is 5V DC.
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Thanks...that was my first conclusion however people were saying that it was the the driver chip CH340G that was the problem and that it locks up when you connect an external 5V power supply. I should be more careful next time around ICs.

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