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Just getting interested in Arduino and I'm looking for an arduino mega to play around with. Hoping to use it for a reprap prusa after I scrounge up all the parts needed. I found this one but I'm not sure if I should jump on it. I mean its from hong kong and it's gotta be cheap for a reason right? Has anyone else tried purchasing this or any other arduino boards through suntek.com?

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I would not purchase from them.  Essentially, the Arduino folks ask just one thing: don't represent your product as a genuine Arduino unless it is a genuine Arduino.  All they had to do is remove the Arduino trademark.  If they can't be bothered to do that one simple thing, how much time and attention do you think goes towards quality?


or the cheap mega I got, which came in with a crappy crystal, all of a sudden my "deal" turned into "ship it back to us for about the same price you paid, then when we verify its our fault we will credit you" with a total time of 2 months round trip ...

and by the time I got the parts to fix it it cost more, and took 3x as much time in labor and emails than just buying the real thing from radio shack.

good luck

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