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A while back I bought a few of these 24 pulse mechanical rotary encoder ($4.50 each):


I tried several recipes on this page:


My sketch increments a 4 digit 7-segment led display, the display starts at 5000, increases with one for each clockwise state change, decreases the other way, press the built-in shaft "button" and it resets to 5000.  Sometime it jumps forward one when it should have gone back, or the other way around, or skips a bit, but generally goes in the right direction 95% of the time.  I was a bit disappointed.

I just received a couple of these today, 64 pulse optical:


For some reason Mouser's main site is going to the Netherlands site right now, but it was $17.18 to me for these puppies.

Dropped it in, the only difference is it has a chip on it so you have to supply +5V and ground, otherwise the quadrature codes works the same.  Works perfectly with the sample code above, never misses a step, always increments in the right direction.  Absolute thing of beauty.  And it doesn't have detents which I love.

Just wanted you to know.  If you ever want an rotary encoder, if you can afford optical, wow they are nice.

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