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Aug 07, 2012, 05:21 am Last Edit: Aug 07, 2012, 05:23 am by Paulware Reason: 1
Testing out the mux it seems to be wired a little funky.

D1Out, D2Out, D3Out select which mux input is routed to A0
D4Out Controls the mux enable

Whats unexpected:

  • D4Out is directly connected to bottom Mux rather than top (D4Out=0 should select top 4051)

  • Mux inputs not same order as 595 outputs

D1Out          595 LSB                   A15In  4051
D2Out                                    A14In  
D3Out                                    A13In
D4Out  This controls mux enable          A12In   MSB
D5Out                                    A11In
D6Out                                    A10In
D7Out                                    A9In
D8Out                                    A8In  

D9Out         595 MSB                    A7In
D10Out                                    A6In   LSB
D11Out                                    A5In
D12Out                                    A4In
D13Out                                    A3In
D14Out                                    A2In
D15Out                                    A1In
D16Out                                    A0In

I'm going to respin the board to correct these two issues.
Other than that it seems to look pretty good.


Ordered a respin of the pcb from iteadstudio.  should get it back in about 3 weeks

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