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This library (UTFT_DDIG) extends the UTFT_DLB library, which in turn extends the UTFT library.

So both libraries are needed.

UTFT DDIG was made to improve the display response time of seven-segment numbers, the accepted value is between 0-9 and 10-15 (A-F)

You can control:
- Position,
- Width,
- Height,
- Thickness (Minimum segment thickness: 2 px)
- Color

Test: https://youtu.be/amKvzLVV9GM
(The red number originates in the font made for the UTFT library, the green color numbers are generated in the library code UTFT_DDIG)

[Please ask for help only via forum, maybe I can not answer]

The UTFT_DLB library enables the use of ttf font previously converted by the ttf2c_vc2003.exe tool

(Usage: ttf2c_vc2003.exe size font.ttf font.c)
[size is a number, I tryed 12, 50 and 150 all works fine]
{you need add "const" declaration on file font.c}
uint8_t fontNameSize[] PROGMEM =
const uint8_t fontNameSize[] PROGMEM =


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