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Hi everybody. If you want to get a clean 8bit sound, try conversion using Adobe Audition: Dither Depth 0.7 bit, p.d.f. Triangular, Noise Shaping E2 (62.5 kHz) or C3 (31.25 kHz). In 62.5 kHz the dithering is inaudible, in 31.25 kHz it sounds like an audio tape.

I have a problem and question: how to jump sectors? I need to do a simple functions: FF and REW (as in walkmans). I need the function: (n) sector = (n+1) sector. Help! :)


I tried this library and it is working better. Let say acceptable sound for low level proccessor. And this library helps to use and manipulate sound for your applications, toys, verbal clock, doorbell, whatever needs sound in the applications. Difficult to use SoX. For preparing tracks, I used https://www.audacityteam.org/ that is free.
Is it necessary to try changing rate 44100 to 62500 this value can be set manually and is not in pop menu. For the right speed tracks playing I import raw as 62500 and export as 44100 . Export as raw. To open a track in raw format, use "import" not "open". Thank you Tuttut

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