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Hi everyone,
I would like to thank you for spending your precious time going through my the problem that i am currently facing. I'm currently doing a project, using arduino UNO, moxa (Relay Box), and self created sencha touch 2 application to  control the device. this is to simulate, using application to control home devices like door, window, tv, lights and beds. The following points are the materials used and the problem I faced:

Materials used:

1 X arduino UNO
2 X HS-65HB HITech servo Motor
1 X HS-81HB HITech Servo Motor
1 X Moxa ioLogik E1214 Relay


1. Servo Motor Keep vibrating
2. When Light being switched on,  it it also activate the window ( servo motor HS-65-HB )


1. how to prevent the motor from vibrating?
2. how to write the code, so that the motor will stay at the angle that i wanted

Thank you
Sorry for my bad English


How are you supplying power to the three servos? If you are powering them from the arduino's 5V shield pin, then there is just not enough current available from the arduino to reliably power three servos. You need an external regulated +5vdc power supply to power the servos. I always recommend using a supply rated for at least one amp per servo, so you should use a 3 amp (or more is OK) +5vdc regulated supply for you servos. Then just remember to run a wire from the external power supplies negative terminal to a arduino ground pin.


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