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Hi everybody,
Yesterday I can Install the Arduino ide on Android :D , is easy
hardware: Toshiba Thrive (tegra 2)
1-.You need to root your device, in my case: http://androidechile.cl/2012/05/20/guia-toshiba-thrive-rootear-flashear-y-activar-cwm-en-tt-compilacion-003/
2-. Install "Linux on Android" from http://linuxonandroid.blogspot.in/p/downloads.html, (please donate  ;) it's a great proyect )
I use the small UBUNTU image...
3-. In the terminal emulator follow the instruction from http://guluca.org/2010/11/instalar-ide-de-arduino-en-ubuntu/

enjoy it



I'm sorry to dig up this post, but how did you manage to enable usb?
I installed Ubuntu on my Acer a500, everything is working fine apart from usb.
I have installed usb-utils but lsusb says there are no usb ports.

Thank you in advance.

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