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I'm using a Mega since I picked it up for the same price as a Uno and, at the time, I knew absolutely nothing about the microcontrollers so I went for the one with "mega" in the name  :)

This is the prototype, eventually I'm hoping to have a few pir bump sensors and a scanning ping sensor for room mapping. This is for my college FYP, I'm going to be using genetic algorithms via the Pi to develop pathfinding and mapping techniques for the robot. My hope is that if I use different layouts of "training rooms" from a fresh start then the robot will develop different path-finding techniques BUT that if I then go on to introduce these initial program runs to the other rooms that the majority of runs will come up with a similar algorithm in the end.

Back to the original reason I posted this question though - is my power circuit, as it is, badly laid out? Leaving aside the Pi powering argument - should there be some kind of cut-off in the common ground or a couple of diodes thrown in somewhere? I'm worried that I may be allowing a possible short-circuit somewhere but I don't have the electronics experience to spot it


I couldn't spot the circuit, sorry. Did you post it? Or just describe it?

Describing a circuit is like describing code. Not really adequate.

Either sketch it as neatly as you can and scan it in, or use a free program like ExpressSCH.

I did try to draw a diagram but I got quite confused with how to draw the grounds

I'm not sure what that means. Draw them the usual way. With a "ground" symbol. We assume all the grounds are connected together.
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More info: http://www.gammon.com.au/electronics


I'm just getting quite confused on how to draw a common ground with the arduino and the correct symbols to use for certain components. I'm sure the software will help, will post my best effort in the next hour or so

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