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I am a sculptor and I am new to Arduino.  I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5r9btOSS_o.
I want to do this exact project and incorporate it in to a sculpture.
If anyone knows how to do this and can  provide me with instruction. 
I would really appreciate the help. 



Well, I think you start with one of these

and look at the tutorials/downloads that are available for each.
I don't follow how the lights are programmed to change with sound, not seeing the correlation there.
I do know folks here have done audio bar graph analyzers, focalist had one that showed quite a few bands on a TV, so the arduino can apparently do that  well enough.

Here's another hardware option

From the page:
"Now for the weird and strange looking math. We need to translate a value into a vertical bar to be displayed on the LCD. It's a bit tricky, but not all that difficult.

The function below maps the value to match the number of bars (i.e. how tall? if you have a 2 line LCD, you can either use 1 or 2 bars). Then it draws the bar as tall as it needs based on the value. FYI: x refers to which column you are drawing."

I would hazard a guess that you change that part to instead send commands to the RGB LED strip.
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