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Did anyone have problems using the last maxuino version for steppers maxuino_stepper_alpha_013 with the stepper firmata, included in the downloaded folder?
Or do you use the standard firmata?
I just can't make it work.
Maxuino 009 works very fine with the standard firmata, but doesn't control the stepper's speed smoothly.
I did upload the stepperDriver and put it in the libraries and I'm using the usual easy driver.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

thank you



Eventually Mr. Drew Anderson very kindly answered my question and everything just worked out magically.

I post his answer here, so it can be useful for anyone, who'll be searching the answers for these problems, like I did.

Thank you again Drew!

Hi Alexander,

Nice to meet you. I'll do my best to help and perhaps Chris can verify what I say here (it's been awhile since I've used maxuino with steppers and I don't have the setup in front of me).

So all you should need is the latest maxuino with the stepper update: http://www.maxuino.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/maxuino_stepper_alpha_013.zip

And the stepperfirmata, which it looks like you downloaded. The other libraries you installed are for programming the arduino to operate stepper motors solo, without max. It sounds like you already did this, but again make sure to place the stepperfirmata in the arduino libraries folder.

Regarding the coding issue, I'm not sure. It might have to do with your serial connection. In the arduino interface you need to specify what board (arduino type) and serial port in the "Tools" drop-down menu. For example, I've been working with a teensy ++ board which I connect to serial port dev/tty.SGH.A737-SerialServer-1

If you are working with the a teensy then you'll need to install the teensyduino software, which runs alongside arduino as you upload code.

Here are the steps I take once the stepperfirmata is uploaded to the arduino successfully (if it doesn't upload, try pressing the reset button on the board before troubleshooting the software) and maxuino is installed.

1.) Double-check you wiring between the teensy and the easydriver. Are the grounds properly grounded? And make note of what pins you've designated as dir and step.

2.) Open maxuino.help.maxpat

3.) Click the update button in the upper right-hand corner of the interface and select the port you are using in the drop-down tab. And make sure you actually click the port when you highlight it because it doesn't register otherwise.

4.) I then open the maxuino gui, which you can open by double-clicking the "maxuino a maxuino-gui-pattr.json" object and then double clicking the "maxuino-gui pattr.json" object highlighted in orange. The gui is slightly more manual then the steppermotor control panel on the main interface but it gives you more information. Here I select the serial port again as well as the hardware. This will update the Digital Pins section to the right.

5.) Now you should be all set. In the Digital Pins window, assign the pins that you have wired to dir and step the dir and step pinmode respectively. You will also need to assign a stepper number. This is the number box below each pinmode box. The dir and step should share the same number and it can be anything except 0. I don't know why :)

6) Now set a speed in the dir pin column and then enter a step count (+ or - numbers determine direction)  in the step column. If nothing happens well... just another day in physical computing world...

No jk, let me know if this doesn't work and we can go from there. Good luck!

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