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hi no use of u r code ... my esc keeps beeping  :(...that according to the manual is that the throttle signal is irregular:(

That is usually an indication that you are not using the correct 'arming' sequence controls to start the ESC. One I had years ago required I move the throttle control to 100% and leave it there for at least one second and then move it back to 0% and then the ESC would signal with a proper beep to let you know the ESC was active and any new speed command would be sent to the motor. Different ESCs may have different 'arming' sequences. A decent ESC should cover it's 'arming' start-up instructions in it's owner manual, but many of the cheap Asian ESCs come with no or very poor documentation.



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hi bro lefty::
all my traps had gone out of my way>>>>
now i m able to control my bldc motor with ease>>
her is wat i ve done
* i armed my esc first by sending the least throttle signal for 2 seconds
* the wrote microseconds to the servo name(not angle values)
* my motor responds to time interval of 1000-2000 microseconds
* here 1000ms is least throttle signal and 2000ms is the highest throttle signal
thnx for all the replies to my kind bros>>>>> :smiley-mr-green: :smiley-mr-green: :smiley-mr-green: :) :) :) :P :P :P :P


Glad its all working now - most ESCs arm on minimum throttle setting for a few seconds, certainly the one's I've got do (all cheap from eBay - only one of them exploded!)
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check out this link to the project I'm working on and there's a chart of the microseconds compared to the speed of the continuous servo. http://learn.parallax.com/node/207
Your motor should also look something like that chart with a 1000 - 2000 instead of 1300 - 1700

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