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What I want you to create:
A way to send all mouse actions from the device computer to any other computer via usb (the other computer will think a usb mouse is plugged into it).

Looking to have a PC emulate a USB Mouse (we'll call this computer the device computer).  That is, I want the device computer to be able to plug into any other computer via usb and those other computers would see a USB mouse.

I want all mouse actions on the device computer to be sent to the other computer.

What I am trying to accomplish is a supercharged gaming mouse.  I want to plug my gaming mouse into the device PC and use software to assign macros to the mouse buttons.  I will use autohotkey.com to bind certain mouse buttons with complex macros.  I want all the mouse actions then sent out from the device computer to the other computer (this other computer could be any device... in my case it will be the eagle eye converter from penguinunited[dot]com - a device that allows keyboard and mouse on ps3 by simulating a ps3 controller).

So this is how they would be plugged in:

Gaming Mouse -> Device Computer -> X (your device) -> any other computer

What I want you to create:
A way to send all mouse actions from the device computer to any other computer via usb (the other computer will think a usb mouse is plugged into it).

Please provide me with a quote.

It is very important that there is little to no delay added.  This will be used for FPS gaming.

Edit: Payment through paypal preferable.  Figured I'd post on this forum instead of going to freelancer.com to get the better skills!

2nd Edit: Why not buy a gaming mouse?  I have one already - the g9x.  However, no gaming mouse can simulate mouse movement in a macro without software installed on device it is plugged into... installing software is impossible in my scenario.  All current gaming mice are too limited.


Just to clarify.  All you have to do is figure a way to send mouse actions from device computer out through USB.  The rest is already done by me.

Would love to have some responses!


Has been quite a few days with no responses.  So... this has been posted on freelancer now.

If interested please visit:

This is an open source project and a full guide will be posted here when done.  Thanks all!


I don't have a definitive solution for you, but if you use a teensy 2.0 mini as a mouse in one USB port, then have an uno pluged into another USB port reading the mouse data, and echoing it to the device. This may work and there is already code online for both I/O boards. I believe arduino libraries have the code needed.


Also the leonardo can emulate a mouse. You may even only need an uno to read and echo. A regular mouse/gaming mouse should work.
Good luck.


There are two major terms in USB - host and device.
Terminology aside, the concept defeats the purpose of USB by   not passing data from PC to device, but from PC to PC.
The concept does not indicate need for a processor, Arduino or any other one.
Also USB by itself was not intended for "distance" communication and "standard" PC will not have necessary connections ( A or B) to be either host or a device as you require.

You can do this, as an interesting exercise, but I would advise to check OS networking and remote access from one PC to another.

Enough speculations, that is not helping you much.
Switching to "let's talk for real" mode - if you check USB emulation software implemented on Due you will find out that it is very crude and very few hobbyists are using it.
I have modified the living daylight out of it and it still does not perform well, but what do I know.

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