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You can easily make paint from graphite or else the easier option will be to take out carbon from AA or AAA battery. Then mix some water and obtain the consistency like paint by stirring it properly, Then paint it on a surface whatever you want to make touch sensitive.

Connect this sensitive surface to A0 or any analog pin of arduino   and upload the following code

Code: [Select]

#include <ADCTouch.h>

int ref0;     //reference values to remove offset

void setup()
  // No pins to setup, pins can still be used regularly, although it will affect readings


  ref0 = ADCTouch.read(A0, 500);    //create reference values to

void loop()
  int value0 = ADCTouch.read(A0);   //no second parameter

  value0 -= ref0;       //remove offset

  Serial.print(value0 > 40);    //send (boolean) pressed or not pressed
  Serial.print("\t");           //use if(value > threshold) to get the state of a button

Serial.print(value0);             //send actual reading


Here if value0 will be greater than 40 it means that touch is detected.

you can use this code according to your need.

You can install this library from arduino library manager library.

Thank You

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