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Just looked at the linked web page and saw the back, with the London Olympic logo. You really are asking for trouble. LOCOG are fanatical about protecting their interests.


That's very clever and well done.

If you market them in quantity with that logo though you will be shat on from  a great height. Meanwhile I think you are probably safe unless there is a LOCOG employee who is also an Arduino fan.

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Quick suggestion. The SPI going into the lower right corner uses the same SS pin as the one on the top left. If you used a different IO pin for the bottom one, it would be possible to use both at the same time without having a jumper wire on one of the sheilds.

And yeah, the name breaches intellectual property laws on the olympic trademark.

I have think of this condition, although the 2 units have SPI with same SS, you can sitll use two other SPI shields on the other two ICSP connectors, the SS won't be the same.
As for the same SS, most SPI shields have selectable SS pin, it also won't be a problem.


I know. It's the same answer you gave on one of the other cross-posted threads. Doesn't change the fact that if you attempt to market them, and are discovered, you will be in trouble. Both the rings symbol and the word Olympic are legally protected.


Do you mean I can't named it - MEGA Olympic? I think olympic is just a work. As for the logo, may have legal issues, any way, I only make a few dozens. I really want my idea come to life.


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I think olympic is just a work. As for the logo, may have legal issues,

I think Olympic is just an adjective too.
However, with the hoops, the London 2012 logo and the sporting connotations, I think you're on very dodgy ground, and I'm going to lock the thread pending an opinion from the forum administrators.

(Personally, I think Audi are sailing a little close to the wind with their logo, but what can you do?)


Did you lock the other thread on this CCA as well? I think it only had 1 response last time I saw it.
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