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rapid prototyping for physical computing projects is exploding.
The trend is now clear...
there are a couple of "competitors" but for what I've seen so far Arduino is the best ;-)

compared to the others, Arduino is the best mix between:
low level allowing flexibility,
open source encouraging the masses
and simple enough to reach the designer "oh-my-god-I'm-afraid-of-scripts?" community

1- d.tools http://hci.stanford.edu/research/dtools/
a stanford project

2- sketch tools http://www.sketchtools.com
has an excellent resource page..and by the way...massimo, you are famous ;)
you are listed as n° 2 in the resources>artist & designers list

let's make this post a collection of this kind of similar project...
we might all learn from other projects and manage maybe to merge or collaborate...
at the end we are all aiming (more or less) at the same thing.


ps. I intentionally omitted wiring http://wiring.org.co
just because for me Arduino is Wiring 2.0 ;-)

pps. an excellent discussion about this trend is:
"Sketching in Hardware" by Mike Kuniavsky -- presented at the recent
O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference

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