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Odd... Mine shows alot of stuff... It tells me cities and everything...

I handle fedex at work all day every day, its updated once in the morning and if it happened to make it to a second depot within 12 hours once at night

it surprised my wife actually, I shipped a package to Alabama on Tuesday, our truck doesn't get picked up until after 7pm, she was watching that tracking number like a hawk, the next morning she got an email from the recipient thanking her for the books, and the tracking number, well it did not even show up in their system till nearly an hour after it was dropped off due to the batch processing delay

and that was using standard ground service, granted less than 200 miles away, that is why it zipped though so darn fast, but lets say I send something to California, the tracking numbers wont show up in their system until its already been in Memphis (a 2.5 hour drive) and already loaded up on a truck and is at the second hub

get a ETA, check it once its getting close to make sure it did not get delayed, other than that your spinning your wheels over delayed data in a batch processing cue (and as much traffic as they have I would not want to see their rates increase to get a real time update)

reality is a pain aint it  ;)


@Jonathan Oxer

In a case like this I would always use a middle layer for getting data to the Arduino. You want the data the Arduino loads to be as light as possible. I would probably use a PHP script that just outputs the data you want to display and let the Arduino load data from that URL.


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@Meinaart: Yes, that's exactly what I was suggesting.

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