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I am releasing the first public release of TaskManager, a multitasking manager for Arduino.  It
has been undergoing alpha testing for a number of months, and is ready for additional users.

TaskManager offers the following:
Any number of tasks.
Extends the Arduino "setup/loop" paradigm - the programmer creates several
"loop" routines (tasks) instead of one. So programming is simple and 
Tasks can communicate through signals or messages. A signal is an information-free 
"poke" sent to whatever task is waiting for the poke. A message has information 
(string or data), and is passed to a particular task.
TaskManager programs can use RF24 2.4GHz radios to communicate between nodes. 
So tasks running on different nodes can communicate through signals and messages 
in the same manner as if they were on the same node.


Do you have a GitHub repository for the project? If so, it would be a good idea to post a link to it. That way, people can review, test, and collaborate.


A Github Repository would be great.

It Looks Very interesting.

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