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I'm searching for tutorials for pressure sensor matrix on e-textile like the rSkin. Really useful information on it's progress page ( http://www.plusea.at/?page_id=2259 ) and it's instructables ( http://www.instructables.com/id/EW82K IGV4W34TX/ ) page.

I want to build something like this sock http://www.alpha-fit.de/en/technology.html but I don't have the knowledge wet. From what I see everything goes down on workshop I live in Greece and the closest is in Italy. Which I don't have the money to go to since I'm a University student.

Already studied the Open Software book ( 2nd edition ) and it was not nearly enough to build something like this.

So, I'm asking for tutorials or videos that would help me build something like that sock.

Thank you for your time and help ( if you will ) :)


Here is one: http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=213


hello, I'll want to know if exist a arduino tutorial for smart textiles. I'd like integrated a pressure sensor matrix in a textile for a telehealth project and a professional sport.

Soumaille Guillaume

thanks for your answer

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