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Elecrow. 2 weeks from factory to my hand using the slow postage option. They must post in bulk to the UK or something, my packages are traceable and delivered by Royal mail 2 days before delivery.

Having said that I received a credit from PCBWay a while ago. I havent read great reviews about them so I'm waiting for something that its not critical to try them.

I have been using Eagle 7.5 (professional license) for quite a while now and have not noticed any CAM processor errors (using .CAM and .DRU files from iteadstudio).
You can see boards here

I'm reluctant to upgrade when V6 does all I need. How have you find it? Are the extra features of any use? Also where do you assemble your boards?


I had issues with V6 crashing on me and losing work on complex designs with lots of parts and many many traces (I complained and found out there are regular backups made so that you can recover without having to re-do too much, rename the .s#1 and .b#1 for example to .sch and .brd to recover).

MrsCrossRoads and I do most of our own assembly.  If we have a large run of boards for a commercial customer, we farm that out, that gets tedious to assemble. Or large boards with tons of parts, gets hard to place a really large number of small SMD parts without screwing something up. Or boards with fine pitch parts and 0402, 0603 size components.
Boards with thru hole and 0805 parts are not bad. I try to keep designs under 10cm x 10cm to keep board costs down.

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Wanna do cheap PCB prototyping ? You should never miss SMART-PROTOTYPING

Check them out. Not ONLY cheap price for as low quantity for 5 pcs, they have more discounts for mass production !!! The PCBs are high quality as well especially I like the silkscreen from them. They help you to turn your idea into product by going through a complete solution for you from PCB prototyping to PCB Assembly, Testing and so on !

Been using for the past 4 years and no complaints !

Let me know if you want to know more.

Thanks !



Have you tried anything complicated? Your examples are all too simple.
Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.


1Sheeld is something more complicated that I know of is produced by them: http://1sheeld.com/

You can try. It's really CHEAP ! :)


I used PCBshopper to select the cheap PCB manufacturers and EasyEDA seems to be a good choice.
I've used it a couple of times and have been impressed by the quality of their PCBs.

There is a pricing calculator at https://easyeda.com/order. The cheapest option is for 10pcs of 50mmx50mm boards, which comes to 9.8USD. 10pcs of 100mmx100mm boards is 17.6USD. For larger boards, 5pcs is cheaper than 10pcs. Definitely worthwhile messing around with the pricing calculator.

Prices don't include shipping. Standard shipping is "From $6" according to https://easyeda.com/Doc/Tutorial/PCBOrder.htm.

EasyEDA offers a free, web-based tools to do the schematic capture, any simulation required and the PCB layout and then generate the Gerbers (which are free to download and can be used with any PCB fab house: there's no tie to EasyEDA). From within EasyEDA, the Gerbers can be submitted straight to EasyEDA for fab.

They even provide a free online gerber viewer to help you check Gerber files before sending the PCB designs for manufacturing.

There's a thread on their site asking much the same with a couple of pictures from users:



https://easyeda.com/order website won't open for me.
Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.


https://easyeda.com/order website won't open for me.
I have not met such problems, maybe you can reload the page https://easyeda.com/order or you can directly contact them at support@easyeda.com, their customer support is excellent. :)


looks like that here a lot of people are advicing their own sites....

since i don t need to meet any standard and i do really REALLY simple stuff someone can advice me a cheep site?


It depends on where your from, but I tried PCBway and OSHpark.

PCBway is cheaper, but the quality is MUCH lower than OSHpark... The price/quality ratio difference ended up making OSHpark a better choice.
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Oh yes you are right i forgot to say that i need the shipping to italy, i red that osh should be free worldwide


You should read earlier posts to this thread. There are several good places to buy. I use Itead studio
10cm*10cm is 19$ plus postage. Often the postage cost is higher than the PCB cost. I have also ordered larger and they were good with reasonable cost.


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I've used http://www.pcbway.com a lot of times for my pcbs. The quality is satisfying and they ship to Europe. The shipment usually takes 15-25 days. The shipping costs go up depending on the weight of your pcbs so try to keep it light if possible.

here are some photos:

looks like that here a lot of people are advicing their own sites....

since i don t need to meet any standard and i do really REALLY simple stuff someone can advice me a cheep site?


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Well... nobody mentioned the partner currently I go with. Just for your info. It's good and cheap. I would like to mention it here inorder to help the next man with the same needs and requirements.

MOKO Technology Limited

Source http://www.mokotechnology.com/about/

We Supply a Large Choice of PCB Capabilities to suit Your complete PCB Requires.
Moko Tech Ltd founded in the year 2001, positioned in Shenzhen, China. has specialized in PCB Manufacturing and PCBA (PCB Assembly or PCA) , located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. We're specialized in manufacturing Single-Sided Boards, Double-Sided Boards and multi-layer PCB, up to 18 layers. additionally we could offer parts acquisition and entire PCB Assembly service.

With over Ten years in the world of PCB prototype and fabrication, we're dedicated to suiting the requires of our shoppers coming from diverse industries concerning craftsmanship, transport, cost-effectiveness and all other request(s). Being among the most qualified PCB manufacturers in China, we have confidence to become your most helpful business partners .

We are respected as the brilliant provider of a number of firms around the globe. We can offer all sorts of services which include PCB manufacturing and PCB Assembly prototype orders and mass production orders. For PCB Assy, using 8 high-speed SMT Assy lines from Yamaha and Sony, to match our buyers' expectations.

One Stop Solution: Over PCB Manufacturing

Our expanded competence in circuit boards is not just tied to PCB manufacturing but includes all of associated services such as PCB design / layout and PCB Assy. Our highly trained design advisors can enable you to get to economical excellence in your multi-layered layout or we can easily design your circuit from nothing: from a fundamental double sided board to complicated rigid flex PCB applications.

In 2012, our subcompany SHENZHEN EASTWIN TRADING LTD created in order to really expand international Market.

We possess our own 25,000 sq. feet cutting-edge production line to make available the quality excellence you're after...

We've gained the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, UL and also ROHS qualifications. At present our PCB daily ability reaches to 1000 sqm., and as for PCB Assy can arrive at 100 million items per month.

We seriously believe that our outstanding service and practical knowledge will 100 % fit your requires. Trustworthiness and enhancement are the factors that drive our being successful. We're the best option for you.

To get more services, more incentives, or 100 percent free trials feel free to mail to:bruse@mokotechnology.com.cn

Reach MOKO Tech LTD Now

Address :
4F, Buidling #2, Guanghui Technology Park, MinQing Rd, Longhua Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong 518109 China


One debugging step I have learned the hard way is to view only layer 19 the unrouted layer.  In a complex board you may not be able to see short unrouted air traces, by only showing the unrouted layer you of course can see them clearly if they are there.

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