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Has anyone tried PCBWin(www.pcbwin.com/a)? I heard many people talk about it in the work, and most of them think it is a good and reliable PCB fab.


BasicPCB.com is what i use for cheap 2 layer boards
theyr just 3 bucks for boards around 1 inch and they ship form the USA in 4 days - quality is MUCH better than the cheap China or other offshore pcb houses.


(I wish more of the obvious shills would just own up and say "I work for XYZ PCB Company, and you should consider for your PCB needs because [uncommon qualities, like: "10x0cm special now going on", "fast shipping", "US Based", "Priced per area instead of fixed sizes", "free soldermask colors [red, blue, green]", "cheap 4mil design rules boards", "low cost automatic placement and solding of 0402 resistors in [standard value list], etc]  Bye!")

(Obvious shill: someone with one or two posts, one of which recommends a PCB company, who is never heard from again.)


@westfw Yes It is right. It's hard to follow, I don't know how that kind of thing could be filter.

It is a missing resource to have a kind of listing of PCB manufacturer, where they are good or appropriate, pricing and delivery. Could have a rating from user also.

could be cool...




Like http://pcbshopper.com/ ? I haven't verified all the suppliers, but the ones I know of, the reviews seem fair. Ratings sites can be gamed with positive (or negative) reviews, so should be read with caution.
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I'lll put in a good word for iteadstudio.com again. I have not a had a manufacturing related issue in using them since Jan 2011. I have designed and purchased quite a few different board types over the years, and the only issues ever seen were my design issues - fonts too small, fonts placed over pads (the pads win), and the very occasional design error, of which I've made about 4 I think, most involving a trace that I gave 2 different names and didn't catch when I was reviewing the schematic and board layout.

I only design double sided boards, and I've done some pretty complex cards with parts on both sides to really pack things in.
smaller boards (2 layer, green, solder mask, white stencil)
10 boards, 5cm x 5cm max, $9.90
10 boards, 5cm x 10cm max, $14.90
10 boards, 10cm x 10cm max, $19.90
larger boards
5 boards, larger than 10cm x 10cm, varies by size
5 boards larger than 20cm x 20cm
5 boards, larger than 30cm x 30cm

They also do small batches of cards, so a check of 30 cards vs 3 10-lots may be less expensive as an example.
There are 3 shipping options too, from slower airmail to faster DHL.
Boards are generally in shipping 4 days after file upload.
They a couple of files you can upload to use in eagle, one for design rules checking, and one for creating the Gerber files they will use for manufacturing.

You can see lots of example of boards at my website, http://www.crossroadsfencing.com/BobuinoRev17/

I tried a non-solder masked board from Sunstone or someone similar with next day shipping, it was a disaster for my assembler with lots of shorts where traces went between pads. I had to scrap the first attempt and very slowly and very carefully assemble the thru hole parts board myself.  Solder mask is a must for complex boards with fine pitch and small clearance traces (10 mil wide with 10 mil clearance).
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Right now, postage for 10x 5x5cm or 10x10cm boards from China seems to be averaging $20 to $30, regardless of the low prices of the boards themselves.   Are there houses and/or creative ordering techniques (only get 5 boards to reduce weight?)  that cut down on total cost for small quantity hobbyist projects?  (I guess at 5x5cm, OSHPark gets you 3 boards for only $20 TOTAL, which is pretty good if you only want 3 boards...)


The only problem with Itead and some others have is just the postage. But http://pcbshopper.com/ includes postage and handling in their list.


How about try: www.juvtmall.com

2-layer board default property, lead time is 1 day.


There is one more vendor of psb: wwww.pcbway.com  Ypu can found more detailed information from video below


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Look at this website  http://www.pcbindex.com


I am shocked by JLCPCB service. I was using many chinese manufacturers but this is top best now.
20 PCBs for 11 dollars with DHL express shipping.
I even made a video about it :D


I found a post over at https://opendiyer.com/where-to-get-cheap-one-off-pcbs/ which seems to be somebody's new blog, which has a list of options on.  Could maybe get him to update that list with the ones off this thread?


jlcpcb is the best place i have found. it is best for the price and the quality of the product


if your pcb size is not more than 100mmx100mm and max 2 layered they made it only for 2$ in 2 days and shipping takes max 5 days (shipping available to most country)

they support via and hole plating

diffrerent pcb colors are avaible ( green , red, yellow, blue, white, black) for 2$ prototypes you can only choose green

pcb solder mask is made so you dont have to worry about oxidation.

you can check the process of your product from the site online

and i suggest you to choose DHL for the shipping .
 here are some pics of three pcb boards i ordered

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