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Dec 06, 2019, 04:28 am Last Edit: Dec 06, 2019, 04:37 am by MOKOSMART
you can have a try mokotechnology, website:https://www.mokotechnology.com/
my order is :100 pcs 10cm*10cm board.
If you want to reduce your cost in a batching PCB, moko is one of the best choice.


Unbelievable this thread was started more than 7 years ago...
okay anyway...

my opinion:

I think it depend on your requests on the boards,In China PCB markets, price from low-middle-high for differents demands.Factories can be distinguished as 1-4 layers pcb manufactuer,6-10 layers,12-16layers,16 up to 32layer,HDI ect.
If for personal use, I think most of factories can do PCBs good for you.
But if you want to buy PCBs which all were Inspected per IPC standard -IPC-A-610C (normally class 2),you had better to buy from standard factories.
They will have COC reports to describe all parameters on boards, and microsection and tin test samples.
Class 3 more stricter,just like the thickness of cu on wall 25um min. no x-outs,outlooking very good. But 10-20% higher price than Class 2.


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