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Hi all, i have buyed Arduino uno some days ago and i need a little help for my camera.. my target is to take a picture with my game boy camera and print it on laptop with serial of arduino. the problem is to set the camera, that need a pin for the clock ( 500 Khz ) and another pin to send many bit for the camera registers. My idea is to use a phase-correct PWM to generate the clock signal and the usart0 to send bits, but does not work because the two frequencies do not match. Can you help me?  =(

( I apologize for my bad english )


Read this section of the datasheet

"20.10 Examples of Baud Rate Setting
For standard crystal and resonator frequencies, the most commonly used baud rates for asynchronous
operation can be generated by using the UBRRn settings in Table . UBRRn values
which yield an actual baud rate differing less than 0.5% from the target baud rate, are bold in the
table. Higher error ratings are acceptable, but the Receiver will have less noise resistance when
the error ratings are high, especially for large serial frames (see "Asynchronous Operational
Range" on page 194)."

Then look at page 200 of the datasheet and see if one those speeds will do what you need.
If so, come back and ask again if anything special needs to be done to communicate at the selected speed.
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You may find this useful - http://code.google.com/p/avr-gameboy-cam/.


thank you ... I read the datasheet but I do not know the difference between synchronous and asynchronous ... can you explain it?

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