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Hi all, long time code monkey, super new electronic guy.

I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what it is that I'm looking for...

I'm trying to find a way to drive a motor on two axes, I suppose. I'd like to be able to move a ball-shaped object. I'm assuming I'm not thinking about this like an engineer... I can't imagine two single axis motors would be the best way to implement this, particularly when thinking about diagonal movement. Any ideas?

As a call out to the community, it would be REALLY nice if someone came out with a component kit for getting started with the basics of electronic work. I tried to be experimental, and hit up the local Radio Shack for some mixed parts a couple days ago only to come home and find out that most of the stuff I grabbed (microphone, motor, etc) won't work until I pick up other parts.

Essentially, I guess I'd be looking for a mixed bag of things like 555 Timers, voltage regulators, relays, etc... stuff that would allow me to go to the next level past the blinking LEDs and potentiometers. It could probably be packaged with a project book as well, if the retailer were so inlined...

Just a couple thoughts. Thanks, and I look forward to my long journey of low-voltage shock treatment.  ;D


I think the best way to do this is, in fact, a pair of motors at right angles.  I'm thinking of a kind of inverse trackball, where the rollers are powered instead of being sensors.  Does that make sense?  Otherwise, powered gimbals might do it.


Yeah, it does. Thanks for the reply! At least that way I don't have to burn out motor x while y is running...

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