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I'm configuring my server and everything is fine. Until, I decide that the default 800x600 is a bit (way too) small, I crank it up to the max. After I press OK the screen goes black and stays that way.
I understand that I must have chosen a resolution that the screen does not support, but I don't understand a) why I was given the choise, b) why it did not return after X seconds c) why software does not detect that the screen does not support given resolution.

I've tried to reboot (sometimes it gives the 1long2short error code, which is code for video error) the video card is tested on a different computer with the same screen. It was working there.

I am frustrated and angry, I [glow]NEED[/glow][/b] this up and running tomorrow.

Any thought very much appreciated.
...feels bad, man

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WS2008 = Windows Server 2008?

Sounds like a bug in the video driver.

I NEED this up and running tomorrow

By "up and running" do you mean booting to 800 x 600 is OK?  Or do you need it booting to a higher resolution?


It's on a network, yeah? Remote Desktop to it, and shut it down. When you boot it, hit F8 to get the Windows startup menu. Boot safe mode so you don't get a high-res display. Ditch the display driver and reboot. If it doesn't come back in a usable state, rinse and repeat.

Sorry if I'm suggesting what you've already tried.


WS2008 = Windows Server 2008, sorry I forgot to clearify.

Booting to any resolution would be awesome!

I could've used remote desktop, problem is the darn server won't boot at all. :'(

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Move the video card to another slot.

Try a different monitor connected to the video card.


I ended up changing the video card, and then it worked. I'll just use the other video card in a different computer/server then...  :-?


Glad you made it work.
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Hmm, reading your title on the post, why would you run into the wall?
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