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anybody knows anything more?


Well, based on what I can see on the website, it looks like a "wearable" system to be sewn into fabric-based constructs, based around components which integrate PIC 16f684 (and likely other PIC microcontrollers) onto each component (light components, sound components, switch components, etc). These are all strung together using a 2-wire interface of some sort (that seems to carry power and data?) - allowing communications along this bus between components. It basically makes "wearable" systems easier to build and assemble; they call the system "Schemer".

Note that I put the word "wearable" in quotes because the items to be created with this system are generally worn (at least, most of the projects shown are personal wear items - jewelry and clothing, mainly); though some may just be fabric constructs. Its a way to incorporate electronics into clothing, to make interactive clothing and craft items, and make it easy to do, without needing to understand much or anything about electronics.

I tend to think of "wearables" as that definition which was originally bandied about; that of a wearable computer, with chorded keyboards, AR/HMD/monocle interface, etc. The word has mostly lost that meaning, though, and has been co-opted by the arts/crafts crowd to mean this kind of interactive personal wear items...

Hope that helps. Something like this could probably be done using Atmel components, and maybe even the Arduino (and in a way it has with the Lilypad; though the Lilypad doesn't seem anywhere near as "plug-n-play" as this "Schemer" system is)...

Hope that helps!

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Have a look here:
It is where the tiny85 Arduino core comes from...


wearable computer, with chorded keyboards, AR/HMD/monocle interface, etc

12 yrs back i made a presentation on something like this at my college... it all looked scifi...

did anyone figure out what the
"Schemer" system
is? I tried going though their website but didn't figure out much.

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