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im pretty new to arduino, so far iv'e experimented with the basics, LEDs, servos, analog inputs even the odd LCD display! *proud of myself :D*. Now i want to move on to my first propper project, and i thought a simple robot would be fun.
      for a drive system i thought continuous rotation servos would be easier to use than DC motors as i wouldent have to use a motor controller. and in terms of sensors im gona start with the sharp IR range sensors.


1. are continuous rotation servos compatable with the standard servo      library?

2. i looked at the spec sheets for the IR range finders, they say the output voltage is -0.3 to 0.3, this seemed kinda low to me, will i just be able to use the analogRed() function with this sensor? here is the spec sheet (i will post the link below)

all other sugestions will be apriciated!





help a noob in need?... please :)


[1] yep standard library - the larger the position signal the faster it rotates.

[2] I haven't played with these sensors, but I think you are reading the datasheet worng - it's not a range of -0.3 to +0.3, it's a range of -0.3 to (Vsupply+0.3)


that would make more sence :P

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