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   I found this great sounding Arduino based wave table synth by Nikolaj Mobius -


   It looks as if Nikolaj focused on getting a lot of functionality into the synth -

Six Wavetables
Four envelope tables
Pitch modulation

    I have been in contact with the group that Nikolaj is a member of and have set about converting the synth into a sound/music generation library with a more useable interface and friendlier naming conventions. There are some optimizations I have been able to make that have dramatically improved the ISR Perfromance as well - namely replacing the countless arrays with a single array of classes.

As I do not have an electronic music background but have learned a hell of a lot in the last six hours of reverse engineering, refactoring and testing I hope a lot of you will find this interesting and useful - I will probably publish it tomorrow or Sunday/Monday.

In the meantime, have a listen to the link.

Duane B

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