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I dont get the purpose of the two Tinkerkit header pins, which connect to A2 +A3, on the Arduino Motor Shield.Both analog pins are always outputting 5V, rather than measuring the voltage. I want to configure them as input analog pins rather than output pins, but I am unsuccessful in doing that. I'm using Arduino UNO + Arduino Motor Shield together. Help, please?


Which motor shield, the R3 ?  On that the A2 and A3 are broken out to some headers, but that's all according to the schematic.

What code are you using - the mode of the pins will be determined by that.
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I too am having problems. It seems that when I apply my potentiometer feedback for motor A it applies the same feedback for motor B. It is like the A2 and A3 channels are connected somehow. I have tested it and I can actually apply a voltage to the A2 header and measure that voltage from the A3 pin.


Got an Ohm Meter? Use it an see if the pins are connected.Pull the shield off the Arduino and check it with the ohm meter. Speculating that something might be does very little to tell you what actually is.


I am having a similar problem. The LadyAda Motor shield does not use the Analog pins A0-5 . When I have the LadyAda Motor shield unplugged the sensor I use in Analog A0-5 work as expected. When the Motorshield is plugged in the wires seem crossed between A0 and A1 and sometimes other pins. My motor shield is plugged into a different set of batteries, the Arduino is plugged into the USB. If someone has come up with an explanation I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance. The thanks after are coming too.

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